How big are they?
The hanger frames (included with your chimes) are 22-25" long.  The bottoms of the chimes usually hang 16-25" below the frame.

Chimes Shown Above:

• Salmon

• Kayak

• Tug boat

• Submarine

• Mermaid

• Seal

• Orca Whale

• Spirit Salmon

• Wolf

• Elk

Beach Chimes

Ready to hang!  
The chimes can be suspended at any height from a single hook or mounted directly to an overhead beam or arch.  We also have available an angle bracket that allows mounting to a vertical post or wall.
Why "Beach Chimes"?
"Beach Chimes" has been our name for these unique works because of our love of everything nautical.  Recently, as you can see from our photos, we have expanded into other themes as well.  If you have a favorite design (horse or bear or?) we would be more than happy to work on that for you. Feel free to let us know! Idea for Boat Owners: How about a chime using the silhouette of your boat?
Now there’s something new!" is the comment we hear over and again as we introduce our unique chimes.  

Each piece is hand cut from heavy steel plate, then suspended to create a visually intriguing work that emits a surprisingly rich, soothing sound in the wind.

Over time the steel will develop a natural patina (okay, rust!) while the mounting bracket and suspension wires will remain pristine as you see them.  Each shape consists of 4 to 6 pieces which are suspended on a track, allowing you to adjust the spacing of the chime to your wind conditions.